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Fat freezing, cryolipolysis

Fat reduction by fat freezing 

Fat reduction can be achieved through fat freezing. Fat cells are destroyed by cooling lasers giving a permanent result. The result is not instant. Your body will then  naturally metabolise the destroyed fat cells and eliminate from the body over an 8-12 week period.  Fat freezing is an excellent way to achieve fat reduction and a great aid to weight loss alongside diet and exercise.

Fat reduction by laser lipo


Laser lipo gives an instant inch loss result with a great result in fat reduction. Cooling laser technology is used to release fat from the fat cells and converts it into energy. You do need to exercise following treatment to prevent the return. Clients will generally see a reduction of 2-4 inches in a 30 minute session from three measurement points.

Laser lipolysis
Ultrasonic cavitation

 Fat reduction by ultrasonic cavitation

Fat reductioncan be achieved by ultrasonic cavitation. This is another instant inch loss treatment using different technology to laser lipo. Cavitation is based on ultrasound technology which breaks down stubborn areas of fat. It is particularly good on cellulite and can speed up the results of a fat freeze.

After care

Following treatment you can go about your daily activities as normal following your treatment including exercise. There are some things that you should do or avoid to speed up the elimination process:

  • drink plenty of water
  • avoid alcohol for the first few days following treatment
  • avoid any sugary or fatty foods for the first few days
  • avoid extreme temperatures for 24 hours eg sun bed, sun bathing, overly hot baths or showers
  • exercise will help to produce results more quickly

To maintain results it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and regular exercise.


See the fat freezing procedure in action at Beauty Tech Medispa Ltd


Cryolipolysis fat freezing
Two areas of fat freezing

Laser lipo will temporarily shrink the fat cells giving instant inch loss. If laser lipo is performed prior to the cryolipolysis treatments, more fat cells can be destroyed in each session as more fat cells will be drawn in to the treatment cups. This translates in to superior inch loss and weight loss results than achieved by fat freezing or diet and exercise alone.

Cryolipolysis fat freezing in Reading
One area of fat freezing

Cryolypolysis will generally produce inch loss results up  to 12 weeks after treatment. Cavitation causes fat cells to implode. It can help speed up the process of eliminating the crystalised fat cells from the body and therefore the inch loss results can be seen more quickly than if fat freezing alone was used. Allow at least 72 hours after cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment before having cavitation.  

Cryolipolysis fat freezing in Reading
skin tightening

Once you have achieved your inch loss and weight loss results with the fat freezing treatment, you may need a course of radio frequency skin tightening. You can combine sessions of cavitation with skin tightening.

Your safety and comfort is at the forefront of everything we do

  • All our equipment is medical grade. 
  • Fat freezing treatments are entirely safe for slimming and received FDA approval in 2006
  • Our therapists are fully insured professionals with training in the use of the specialist equipment.
  • Treatments are scientifically proven to get results

Customer reviews on cryolipolysis fat freezing at Beauty Tech Medispa Ltd

"I found my experience to be very pleasant and friendly. Have booked for another session and looking forward to it. Definitely recommend it." Customer comment received 28th Oct 2018

"My experience at Beauty Tech Medispa was thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable. I felt the results of the Cryolipollysis were good. I would personally recommend." Customer review received Nov 10th 2018

"Didn't know what expect but was good, can't wait to see results... Was in and out in under an hour so very quick.. although I did think it was for a full hour not just half hour on the machine before I came in.. Hazel was sweet and helpful and knowledgable ... If it works I will definately be back for sure... thanks for the experience" Customer review received 15th Dec 2018  -  note from Beauty Tech Medispa Ltd - please note treatment time according to manufacturer's recommendations is 40 mins, treatment times on older machines used by other salons may be longer but we can not exceed the manufacturers recommendations. Modern technology means results can be achieved in a shorter time frame.

"I had a great morning..... loving the special offers as I can afford to have a nice treat when you have them....explained everything well and such a lovely warm welcome... can’t wait to come back again for my next appointment would recommend you must definitely.... Thankyou again" Customer review received 14th Feb 2019

"It wasn't painful in fact I fell asleep during the procedure. Every step of the way was explained to me and the time it would take to see the effects. Lovely treatment and wonderful service."Client review received 17th March 2019




You can book on-line. And pay on the day of your treatment. Please note you can move your appointment up to 24 hours prior to the appointment time. In the event of cancellations made giving less than 24 hours notice or no shows a charge of £20 is payable. If you are late for your appointment, we will seek to accommodate your full treatment time where possible, but only so far as it does not impact on other clients. Consequently your treatment time could be shortened. If you have any medical conditions or are unsure of which treatment is best for you, please call before booking or book a free consultation.